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VCT 2022


Visual Language

In 2022, RIOT Games pushed Valorant esports to be the biggest FPS globally. But to do that, we still had to win the genre in Latin America. Our main goal was to increase awareness, viewership, and further develop the local ecosystem.

Associate Design Director: Rafael do Nascimento Fernandes
Chief Creative Officer: Flavio Vidigal
Creative Director: Andre Poli
Creative Director(Studio): Andre Holzmeister
Director Of Agency Operations: Etienne Du Jardin
Lead Producer: Matheus Nobre
Producer: Bruno Tristão
Managing Director: Pedro Vidigal
Film Director: Leonardo Aiello
Live-Action Production: Sugarcane Filmes
Sound Design: White Noise Lab


The campaign includes a long-form film and cuts in 60, 30, and 15 seconds with special formats for social media and digital display ads


We needed to establish Valorant Esports as the gateway for LATAM’s gamers to become an icon themselves

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